Notary and Legal Services

Assistance to private individuals who own a property in France, in the daily management and in those situations in which it is necessary to communicate with the French Public Administration (Bureau des Impôts), Notaries (inheritance deeds, donation, powers of attorney, etc.), Insurance (Dommage- Ouvrage, Multirisque Habitation) etc., where knowledge of the French language, local customs do not allow the choice of a legal operation to be more conscious and thoughtful.

- Support with simultaneous French/English translation in Notarial Deeds in France, Condominium Assemblies, Legal Disputes, etc.

- Forms for practical use, list of documents required in France for the preparation of various deeds of succession, donation, sale, warning letters for late or non-payment of rent, eviction letters (release of occupied premises), responses to the Public Administration, letters to insurance companies for opening claims or disputes.

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